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Products / Services : Al MANN TRADING
(LLC)has been selling hardware & consumable items since 2008.

the very beginning, we have concentrated exclusively on the marketing, sale,
and distribution of quality tools imported from worldwide.

We import products
from various countries and export too many countries and we sell as wholesale
and retails in local market also.

TRADING (LLC)trades as a wholesaler and retailer in Cutting,
Grinding, Drilling, and Milling & Abrasive Products.

We deal in most reputed brands such as
Tyrolit (Austria), Craftmann, Otto Germany, Weiler Germany,
Lessmann Germany, Osborn Germany, Lion, Tiwan.

Following are our main line of products Abrasive
& Grinding Products :
Cutting & Grinding Disc, Abrasive
Belts, Flap Disc & Flap Wheel, Sanding Disc, Sand Papers, Mounted Stone,
Cup Stone, Stone Grinding Wheels (Green, Gray), Emery Wheel, Sand Paper White, Diamond
Grinding Wheel;

Tools: Drill Bits, Auger Bit, Diamond Blades, Knife, Hacksaw Blade, Carbide
Burr, Counter Shank Drill, Jig Saw Blade, Hole Saw.

Cup wire, Wheel wire, Hand wire, Circular wire Brush with shaft available in
(MS, SS & Brass), End wire Brush, Tube Brush, Nylon Tube Brush, Paint Roller
& Refill, Spike Roller, Radiator Roller, Texture Roller.

Hand Tools:
Spanner, Pliers, Chisel, Tri Square, Right Angle, Spirit Level, Measuring
Tapes, Letter Punch, Number Punch, Drill Chuck, Hand Saw, Side Cutter, Wire

Hand Tools: Socket Wrench
Sets, Deep Sockets; Ratchet Handles, Nut Spinner, Sliding T, Cross Bar,
Offset Handles; Universal Joints, Socket Adaptors & Torque
Wrenches, Stud Remover Wrenches & Power Wrenches, Double Open
& Single Open Wrenches, Ratchet Wrenches, Spud Wrenches Open &
12Pt. Box Wrenches and Open & Ratchet Type Wrenches; Striking
Wrenches (Slogging), Hook Spanner Wrenches; Valve Wheel Wrench &
Allen Hexagon Wrenches; Pipe Wrench, Speed Wrench, Adjustable Wrench,
Chain Pipe Wrenches; Pliers, Cutters, & Screwdrivers; Hammers
-- Brass, Copper, Steel, Aluminium, Lead, Rubber & Wooden; Glass Cutters,
Nail Pullers, Chisels, Punches, Punching Tool Sets; Letter & Figure
Sets & Stencil -- Letter & Figures Sets; Anvils, Tongs, Scrapers,
Magnets, Saws & Trowels; Shovels, Tool Belts, Pipe Benders, Clamps
& Vises; Tool Boxes & Parts Cabinets; Drum
Opening Spanners, Rotary Hand Pumps, Wing Pumps;Hose Bands,
Banding Clamps & Banding Tools; Grinding & Lapping Compounds,
Lapping Pastes & Blue Paste (Prussian Blue); Machinist & Diamond
Files and File Handles; Grinding Materials -- Mounted Wheels, Grinding
Wheels & Dressers; Disc Sanding Paper Abrasive, Emery Cloth, Emery
Tape, Waterproof Paper; Carborundum Oil Stones; Non-Spark Chain
Hoists & Hand Winches; Gear & Wheel Pullers & Hydraulic
Bearing Pullers; Hydraulic Nut Splitters & Flange Jacks (FJ-20,
FJ-30); Snake Wire Pipe Cleaners & Kinetic Rim Guns; Hand
Rivets, Riveter Tools and Riveter Kits;Non-Spark Safety Tools (Brass); Strap Wrench, Basin Wrench
& Offset Hex Wrench; Exposed Ratchet Drop Head Threaders & Die
Heads; Pipe Cutters, Bolt Cutters, Midget Tubing Cutters & Quick Acting
Tubing Cutters; Flaring Tools & Tube Benders; Kerosene Torches
(Blow Lamps), Propane Gas Containers & Compact Gas Torches; Platform
Trucks and Spare Wheels, Gas Cylinder & Drum Carriers; Grease & Oil
Lubricators w/ Accessories; Grease Nipples, Cups, Oil Cups &
Flexible Extension Hoses; Grease Guns -- Lever Type, Push Type, Oil
Syringes; Oilers -- Plastic, Metal, Jugs, Funnels & Jerry Cans.Our experience and knowledge brings in customers from different
regions of the world such as:Middle East:Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,Iran,Iraq,
Lebanon, Syria, JordanAfrica:Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya,Tanzania,
Uganda,Nigeria, Ghana, AngolaAl MANN
TRADING (LLC)ensures our customers always have the best tools to complete
their job. If you are looking forward for a professional relationship of a
lifetime,Contact us & let\'s
grow our businesses together.

We have always
adhered to the policy -- "Quality Pays"
Contact :  Yunus Taher / sales@almanntrading.com
Address :  P.O.Box 377471, NAKHEEL ROAD
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Tel No :  00971 4 2503492 / +97155-2958786
Fax No :  00971 4 2503493