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Titanium Fasteners

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Manufacturer and supplier of Aerospace Titanium Threaded Rod and Hex Bolts, buy in exact specification

We Alliance nickel alloys, are titanium fasteners manufacturers in India. And the main types of titanium fasteners are bolts, screws and studs and it is available different sizes, grades and shapes.

Titanium Bolts is a type of fastener & it usually contains a head at one end and a chamfer at the other, and a shaft characterized by an external helical ridge which is known as a 'thread'. It is typically used to hold materials or objects together. It is a transition metal with a white-silvery metallic appearance. It is a lustrous, strong metal that exhibits good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. 

In most industries, however, Titanium Hex Bolts is much more commonly used. And it is mostly used in repair and construction work. As the name understood, they have a hexagonal head and come with machine threads for a firm and rough handling

Titanium Fasteners Din 912 has a tensile strength ranging from 275 to 590 MPa, and this strength is controlled primarily through oxygen content and iron content. The higher the oxygen and iron content, the higher the strength.

titanium stud bolts which is essentially just a length of threaded bar and it is fully threaded. It provides the ability to obtain much more accurate revolving values because the studs don't twist during tightening as bolts do. It is been useful in a wide variety of industries and applications such as medical equipment, chemical plants, military installations etc.

titanium nut bolt is mechanical fastener that is usually used with for connecting two or more parts. It can be readily disassembled and reassembled and for this reason it is used to a greater extent than any other type of mechanical fastener. It is a suitable component for applications that require a unique mixture of strength and material lightness. It is combined with aluminium, vanadium, tin, and/or palladium, among other metals.
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